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Once upon a time… Great stories, well told, can solve big problems.
Our expert storytelling grows sales, builds brands, and raises millions for start-ups and growing companies.
We only do one thing: Marketing with video


We tell Moving Stories

We are a specialized, video production marketing agency.

We combine deep dive, high-impact storytelling with the latest technologies, including cinematography and animation, to create moving stories stories that sell.

From Boston and Vermont to Maine, our award-winning work has helped to build new hospitals, launch 20 start-ups, build over 100 brands, and fundraise millions of dollars.

Founded by Art Bell, co-founder of Oxygen TV with Oprah Winfrey, and Alias Research, creator of Maya, the world’s largest 3D software.

Some recent client productions include over 100 successful campaigns in energy analytics, banking, sustainability, education, Blockchain, healthcare, professional sports, Amazon, government, food, and aerospace.

We are unique brand strategists who execute with video to help solve complex problems. Video is the fastest, most efficient tool to shape the markets perception of brands, campaigns, and companies.

You don’t need a big video production agency.

You need big ideas!

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TV Commercials
TV Commercials

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Branded Content

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“I’m glad you’re not working for our competition.”

                                  K. Austin, Community National Bank


We are real world problem solvers.

Our videos create award-winning commercials, brand, start-up, and fundraising films.

Everywhere from kids changing the world and education, to banking, Blockchain,

aerospace, beverage, environmental and healthcare industries.

We are experts in marketing with video.

Can we help you grow?


“You presented our mission as you entertained our customers.
                                                     Ben & Jerry’s


Because we only do one thing: marketing with video.

We are an agency focused solely on cinematic video storytelling.

We help build new hospitals, launch new products,

and raise millions for start-ups & growing companies.

Can we make change happen for you?


“We were moving fast. These folks recognized our issue and got sh#t done.”

                                                          Kerrik Johnson, Vestas

What our clients are saying!

Your work is so sincere and really projected that the Bank truly cared for its customers above any sales pitch.I feel your campaign for our bank fraud issues – our ‘elder abuse’ issue in particular, made our customers feel “I am not an idiot, these fraud guys are good,
I was robbed, and I should not be embarrassed…
the Bank understands and is here to help not scold”.
K. Austin
President, Community National Bank
“We love what you did for us!
It will make a difference and go on to be a great resource for all the staff. Looking forward to using this!!
H.T. Webb
 Major Gifts Officer, Shelburne Resources.
“Beautifully done! You’ve shined a light on what’s important teaching kids where their food comes from. They should use this in every school.
In Vermont where there’s already a connection to the land, and the farm to table is accessible we know this – now the world needs to see this.
 E. Turgeon
Entertainment Professional, Boston, MA.
“You brought the story of our brand to life. What a joyful story and lesson in how we teach, feel, learn about our food sources! It’s like I was right there with them!
How do all schools access the work you’ve done?”
Julie Kelley
EVP, Client Services. Wellington Group.
“This is a huge enterprise with a complex set of stories.
In a few minute, your films gave our audience both the beauty of this place and the clarity of our mission. You continue to make us look great. You just get us.”
M. Webb
Special Projects, Shelburne Farms

“Your work is on display around the world in our franchises, in over 30 countries.

In a hectic retail environment, you understand how to tell a story.

Without words, without ANY audio. I see now we didn’t give you a lot of guidance. 

At the end of the day…you didn’t give us what we asked for, you gave us what we needed.”

L. DeNatalie

Dir., Social Mission, Ben & Jerry’s Worldwide

“Your firm is worth every penny. I’m glad you’re not working for our competition.”
K. Austin
 President. Community National Bank
“Energy analytics is a complex industry. We are moving fast.
A lot is changing. These folks just get sh#t done.”
K.  Johnson
EVP IBM, Utopus
 “Quality of the work is heads and tails above anything we see.
But…Before there is quality there must be a reason to tell the story.
Your talent in this is what makes you stand out.
T. Roberts
EVP Strategic Marketing CNB

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Some people think movies & television are a bit of magic.

Mostly they are a ton of preparation, planning, details, and execution.

After over a hundred commercials, brand films, music videos, corporate,

political and theaterial campaigns, this is a bit of what happens ‘behind the scenes’.


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