A start-up looking to take on Amazon. We produced a great 3 min. combined fundraising film and tight brand film. “Changing on-line shopping for good’ This start-up is setting out to change the game.
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Future Genius
Future Genius, founded by Thomas Bacon, was created to provide a unique launch pad for middle school youth to become meaningful contributors in the 21st century.
Aerial Cinematography
Bring new life to otherwise plain shots. With drones, cranes and planes, aerial videography gives a new perspective to your visual story. Ashely Ziegler is one of our FAA certified Part 107 licensed drone pilots.
Bob Anderson: Emotional Intelligence
Bob Anderson is a world class speaker for Fortune 50 companies, elite athletes, the military and professionals. Bob speaks around the world on EI (Emotional Intelligence) and optimism. Shot 3 camera in IBM chip fab facility.
Online Programs with Shelburne Farms. Learning for a Sustainable Future.
Blockchain based ticketing. The future of global, transparent ticket sales, directly and indirectly.
A New Importance
Shelburne Farms' mission is to teach children and educators about the perils of population growth, unplanned development, loss of farmland, social inequity, unsustainable fossil fuels, and our air and water pollution.
Burlington City Arts
Burlington City Arts, BCA, is a treasure for the arts in America. Recently the artist Crystal Wagner and BCA created an installation uniquely fusing the interior gallery and the exterior city.
Shelburne Farms Hiring
A great mission, needs a great crew. Join the Shelburne Farms team today!
KSMT 2020
Kismet returned in 2020 as one of the finest restaurants in the northeast. As an early pioneer in America's farm-to-table movement, Kismet now moves ahead with many of the dishes that made them famous, along with a new broth and takeout operation. This film for the new 2020 launch of Kismet and their website highlights the hard work, passion for creating, and the joys of a great meal at a favorite restaurant we have all been missing.
Dreamlike Recent Clients
Highlights from our recent clients in television, brand films, 3D animation, energy, the environment, and music videos.
Kids can Change the World
This fundraising film will be used to launch a major endowment campaign, to scale the mission of Shelburne Farms from here in Vermont, to a global level. To show that by teaching kids about where our food comes from, the sustainability of the land, and the protection of our planet, kids can change the world.
IBM Research Energy Analytics
A brand film to spin off from IBM Research to Utopus Insights, the new energy analytics division of VESTAS, the largest wind energy company in the world. Managing all the energy data for the global energy sector, helping customers become more informed about the energy they are getting from wind and solar as well as what they are using. Maintain a fleet of turbines or only a few, Utopus Insights software solutions makes wind energy a breeze for all customers.
Fundraising for our Future
An endowment fundraising campaign was kicked off with this brand film. The goal is to help Shelburne Farms continue to educate children and adults for a sustainable future, both locally and globally.
Data from Energy
This brand film highlights that in the near future, the data from renewable energy, like wind and solar, may be more valuable than the energy itself. Energy analytics is an emerging field, combining the internet of things with new technology that is capturing billions of data points from all forms of energy, from fossil to renewables.
Timelapse Cinematography
There are many techniques for filmmakers to tell their stories to the world. An important tool for every marketing agency is knowing how to use time to tell stories. Time-lapse compresses slow movement, taking hours or days, into seconds, and the result is thousands of photographs. From seeing plants grow to clouds rolling by to the star fields of the night sky, time-lapse adds power to our moving stories.
Hyper Local Weather
IBM Research teams up with an electrical transmission utility, VELCO, to accurately predict Hyper Local Weather, to increase alternative and fossil energy efficiency. Brand film produced on their behalf for the Edison Institute showcasing their breakthrough in energy data technology. Video production in Vermont.
Medical Brand Film Campaign
Marketing campaign to allow private, out patient surgery centers in Vermont. Laws changed in 2018, with the new Green Mountain Surgery Center (GMCS) opening spring 2019. To showcase the data and information to voters and backers, motion graphics, infographics and animation made a fun brand film for viewers to take in the information.
Sustainable Forestry
Short brand film showcasing sustainable wood harvesting in winter.
Food Merchandising
Bringing world class video marketing to the food industry. For digital signage, television, and the web.
Health care in a small town
America is made up of small towns with regional community hospitals, that struggle to do it all, from birth to death. Branded content to highlight Gifford Medical as a great example of getting community care right.
This is a Great Hospital
Development film to launch the Gifford Hospital Menig Center 50 million dollar fundraising campaign. The campaign was a success and The Orchards opened in 2018.
A Brand Film about Chocolate
Brand film made for Lake Champlain Chocolates' entry into the big time with Whole Foods. Part of an end cap display.
College Marketing Campaign
Part of an on-going marketing campaign for Champlain College, offering their unique approach to altering curriculum to better fit modern students ultimate professional goals. 60, 30, and 15 second boadcast spots.
Changing College Education
Champlain College recently introduced CORE Education, to better match students professional goals with evolving academic curriculum.
The Global Energy Pyramid
Soon the data from wind and solar energy will be more valuable than the energy itself. Utopus Insights, formerly of IBM Research, now a division of Vestas the largest wind energy company in the world, is leading this change.
United Technologies Aerospace
Clips from a variety of aerospace and military brand films from Pratt & Whitney, Otis, and Collins Aerospace.