Community National Bank Testimonial

One of our banking clients, a billion-dollar bank, asked for help with a troubling issue ‘Elder Abuse’. Their tellers were witnessing and often assisting the banks customers withdraw hundreds of thousands of dollars as part of scam being perpetrated all over the US.
I talked with all the tellers, every single one had a ‘romance scam’ to share. The smallest $5k. The biggest $100k.

I wrote a TV campaign called ‘Take a Breath’ targeted at both seniors, many widowed, and their children. The bank president looking them right in the eye, to ask them to literally ‘take a breath…and call us’ before they commit to “Sending that $5000 bucks to get your nephew out of jail in Costa Rica.’

The campaign was both a big success, and troubling to a few customers who asked why the bank had to be ‘so harsh, so real’.
I meant it to be disruptive.

A note sent to all our staff by the bank president a few weeks after the first commercial aired:

“Your campaign for our ‘elder abuse’ issue made our customers feel: “I am not an idiot, these fraud guys are good, I was robbed, and I should not be embarrassed…the Bank understands and is here to help not scold”. K. Austin, President CNB

Bob Anderson Testimonial

Part of our work is brand building.

Bob Anderson is a global elite leadership coach. He was having difficulties scaling his business.

He asked for our help to grow.

We rented a large vacant IBM chip making facility. For three days with multiple cameras, we filmed Bob as he presented his vision for ‘Emotional Intelligence’. It was easy to capture his energy and package it into a few minutes for him to share with the world.

Bob has been touring the world in Fortune 500 companies ever since.

Shelburne Farms Testimonial

This ‘farm’ set a fundraising goal of $50 million dollars.

Shelburne Farms is no ordinary ‘farm’. It is one of the world’s foremost campuses to teach locally and around the world, both students and educators environmental stewardship.

They asked us to make a series of short films to both kick off and target the goals of the multiyear campaign.
For 18 months we filmed children, students, educators and farmers as they worked together on plans to increase awareness of the clients’ mission and how they themselves live up to that mission on their 1,800 acre ‘living lab’.
Two years in, the ‘Farm’ is approaching its goal, ahead of schedule.

Ben & Jerry's Testimonial

Ben & Jerry’s asked us for a plan to help grow their sales and unify their in-store marketing around the world. In 800 franchises, 30 countries, operated by hundreds of ‘independent’ franchise owners.

We proposed IP based ‘digital signage’ – big ‘TV’ screens similar but smaller in scale to Times Square and the strip in Las Vegas.

We deployed technology to connect large screen monitors in all stores and present the same sales and mission driven content and deploy it worldwide, at exactly the same time.

From Boston to Bangkok, when managers opened their stores – they all saw exactly the same ‘flavor of the month’ or social mission statement from the Founders ‘Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield’, to help save the planet.

Myti Testimonial

Myti may have the most audacious business plan of all time.

To beat Amazon at their own game. They asked us to help put them the map.
Their vision is twofold:

  1. To offer local merchants dying under the weight of Amazon, Walmart, Target, Wayfair, etc a real-world way to actually compete with the corporate giants.
  2. To offer all of us shopper the exact same online shopping experience, only now purchasing and therefor supporting the merchants in their own towns and cities.

We took the founder to a store that had signed up to try this game changing concept and filmed him as he spoke of his vision and plans to change the world.

Myti is taking off and has set out to change shopping forever.

Four Seasons Dermatology Testimonial

Four Seasons had the envious problem of getting too big. Too fast.

They needed doctors, dermatologists, nurses, and staff to move to the Northeast to support their exploding client base.

They came to us as they heard we were the company to help build brands.

They wanted a short brand film and a commercial for both television and the web to show why their company was worth taking a look at.
As a result of our campaign with them, they are now growing with more staff in more locations.
This is how we help build brands.

Burton Snowboards Testimonial

A recent headline: ‘Snowboarding – the fastest Dying sport in America.’

Burton – and snowboarding – were in trouble.

Burton wanted to fix what they felt was the biggest problem for skiers – the bindings.

In 20 years, no company had successfully made a snowboard step-in binding.

But the investment was in the millions in tooling, manufacturing and distribution and they wanted to ‘pre-sell’ the idea before they made the massive investment in a revolutionary, unproven idea.
Burton asked us to create a photo real’ working’ 3D animation’ model to take around the world to their 800 dealers to see if they would buy – before it ever existed.

The Burton ‘STEP-ON’ binding is now the standard and help to revive the snowboard industry.

Future Genius Testimonial

Another start-up fundraising success story.

The founders of Future Genius had nothing to show but their experience and expertise. They needed funding.

Millions in funding.

They asked us to paint a picture of what their unique approach to activate young people to become lifelong agents of change might look like to investors.

Their dream was to build an educational framework for youth using the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development on ending poverty, fighting inequality, and tackling climate change. Their goal was to create a unique launch pad for their concept for middle school youth to become meaningful contributors in the 21st century.


With our assistance, the client raised $9 Million dollars.