Sometimes you need sophisticated 3D modeling and animation tools to tell the story that needs to be told. Behind the scenes 'breakdown reel' look at the math, art direction, and story, that goes into creating 3D virtual foods, products, brand identities, and architecture animation.
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3D Animation Reel
Some clients who come to us may be looking for a product visualization prior to actual manufacturing production, or just a way to make a sale a little more fun for their customers. Ashley Ziegler who is a graduate of SCAD, Savannah College of Art and Design, is our senior animator. Product previsualization, digital signage marketing in a store, or an online web film to educate viewers about a cause, a great way to get creative is using 3D animation. Through Maya computer animation and After Effects graphics we can make our clients stand out.
Dreamlike Recent Clients
Highlights from our recent clients in television, brand films, 3D animation, energy, the environment, and music videos.
Make a Logo: Behind the Scenes
This is how we brought life to a client's static print logo for their television commercial campaign.
Burton sees the future in 3D
Burton Snowboards brand film, for their future Step On Bindings, to grow excitement for sales reps and retailers. Using Burton's IBM CATIA CAD data via IGES to our Maya system for 3D animation and pre visualization, the 3D models showcased and pitched the new snowboard technology a year before actual product manufacturing began.
Motion Graphics: The Sizzle
Important to video production, is the polish. Motion graphics, visual effects, compositing, animation and sound design all contribute professionalism to every film and television commercial. See a little of how the graphics can really add life to a creative project.
Medical Brand Film Campaign
Marketing campaign to allow private, out patient surgery centers in Vermont. Laws changed in 2018, with the new Green Mountain Surgery Center (GMCS) opening spring 2019. To showcase the data and information to voters and backers, motion graphics, infographics and animation made a fun brand film for viewers to take in the information.
Animation Infographics
Animation driven marketing campaign to improve policy on school lunches for all children.
Ben & Jerry’s Digital Signage
Digital signage is a little known, powerful video marketing tool. Franchises, hospitals, universities, and public institutions are ideal locations for 'IP based' retail in-house TVs, broadcasting simultaneous marketing campaigns, locally and globally.
What it means to Dream
A Manifesto to who we are and why we exist as artists. Thank you Ashley Ziegler.
Moving Stories
Marketing campaign to offer it's the quality of the ideas, not the size of the agency that matters. Dreamlike Pictures. We make moving stories.
Burton: Behind the scenes
Burton came to us to visualize CAD IGES data from their IBM Catia system with our 3D photo-real animation expertise, a year before their product was real. Photorealistic 3D animation helped them to build excitement and take pre-orders before any production.
3D Animation Previsualization
Nordica wanted to use our 3D animation expertise to pre visualize changes in how ski boots operate. The Fire Arrow was introduced in this virtual, photo-real way to their dealer network using this film to build excitement and sales prior to manufacture.
The Global Energy Pyramid
Soon the data from wind and solar energy will be more valuable than the energy itself. Utopus Insights, formerly of IBM Research, now a division of Vestas the largest wind energy company in the world, is leading this change.
A Gift: Life, in infographics
Motion graphics tribute to Jerry Seinfeld quote about living a full life.