We are a specialized video marketing agency. We exist to make our clients famous with our award-winning video storytelling. We create marketing campaigns, brand films, boost sales, help to fundraise millions for our clients, produce 3D animation, and digital signage to showcase a client's business hopes and dreams. Arthur Bell is the founder of Dreamlike pictures, and Co-Founder of Oxygen TV and Alias Research, creator of Maya.
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3D Animation: How it’s made
Sometimes you need sophisticated 3D modeling and animation tools to tell the story that needs to be told. Behind the scenes 'breakdown reel' look at the math, art direction, and story, that goes into creating 3D virtual foods, products, brand identities, and architecture animation.
Make a Music Video: Behind The Scenes
Complete ‘Behind the scenes’ of what it takes to make a music video on the top of a mountain. In winter. Inside a frozen cave. …hauling 10 crew, all our gear, 28f weather, winds hard 25 to 40 mph
Anatomy of a Commercial
Timelapse: Behind The Scenes
There are many techniques for filmmakers to tell their stories to the world. Beautiful timelapse photography is the result of many hours, even days, and the result is thousands of photographs. From seeing plants grow to clouds rolling by to the star fields of the night sky, time-lapse adds power to our moving stories. This is a little behind the scenes of how we did it. Ashley Ziegler is the main time-lapse professional.
Make a Logo: Behind the Scenes
This is how we brought life to a client's static print logo for their television commercial campaign.
Burton: Behind the scenes
Burton came to us to visualize CAD IGES data from their IBM Catia system with our 3D photo-real animation expertise, a year before their product was real. Photorealistic 3D animation helped them to build excitement and take pre-orders before any production.
How to do DSLR slow motion
Cinematic slow motion is all about light and shutter speed. DSLR and cinema cameras can both achieve beautiful 'slo mo' if the shutter is set to twice the frames per second. But doing this cuts the light in half. Faster lenses, now shallow depth of field, and great light are the keys to beautiful slow motion cinematography.