We are a specialized marketing agency. We exist to make our clients famous with our award-winning video storytelling. We create marketing campaigns, brand films, boost sales, help to fundraise millions for our clients, produce 3D animation, and digital signage to showcase a client's business hopes and dreams. Arthur Bell is the founder of Dreamlike pictures, and Co-Founder of Oxygen TV and Alias Research, creator of Maya.
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3D Animation: How it’s made
Sometimes you need sophisticated 3D modeling and animation tools to tell the story that needs to be told. Behind the scenes 'breakdown reel' look at the math, art direction, and story, that goes into creating 3D virtual foods, products, brand identities, and architecture animation.
Make a Music Video: Behind The Scenes
Complete ‘Behind the scenes’ of what it takes to make a music video on the top of a mountain. In winter. Inside a frozen cave. …hauling 10 crew, all our gear, 28f weather, winds hard 25 to 40 mph
CNB: Fraud
nks nation wide are seeing more sophisticated scams than ever. At Community National Bank, we're here to help you with all your finances.
A start-up looking to take on Amazon. We produced a great 3 min. combined fundraising film and tight brand film. “Changing on-line shopping for good’ This start-up is setting out to change the game.
Lake Willoughby
Mount Pisgah to the left, Mount Hor to the right, two halves split apart by mother nature.   Close to Canada, a National Natural Landmark, over 11,500 years old. 
This water flows north to the Gulf of St Lawrence, then out to the Atlantic ocean
Rebuilding the Arch
Noted Sculptor Thea Alvin shares her process as we test the new Sirui 50mm full frame on Sigma fp 4K RAW uncompressed DNG anamorphic test.
Future Genius
Future Genius, founded by Thomas Bacon, was created to provide a unique launch pad for middle school youth to become meaningful contributors in the 21st century.
Four Seasons Dermatology
World class pre-cancer diagnosis and treatment in New England.
Winter Swimming
In the winter we live to skate on the lake. When we cannot, we swim under it. #gopro #lakechamplain
Introduction to Sustainability Solutions
An Introduction to our sustainability mission here at Shelburne Farms.
Aerial Cinematography
Bring new life to otherwise plain shots. With drones, cranes and planes, aerial videography gives a new perspective to your visual story. Ashely Ziegler is one of our FAA certified Part 107 licensed drone pilots.
Ranked Choice Voting
Ranked Choice Voting, RCV, formerly known as IRV, is becoming an important addition to a more inclusive American democracy.
Moving Stories
When I was starting out a cinematographer said to me “Just because you can move the camera - doesn’t mean you should. Sometimes just let the action pass through” #vangoghimmersiveexperience #vangoghexperience #shotoniphone
Master Scyther
State of the art solar electronics requires delicate maintenance and trimming. Sometimes it takes the best of old and new tools to get the job done. Everything old is new again. #sigmafp
A Reverence for Wood
Wes Anderson’s favorite lens for center cut framing. Until I tested it for myself I didn’t get it. This lens uniquely tells our eye and our brain what’s important. “Look here” it says. This test was filmed with the Cooke 40mm Anamorphic lens on the Sigma fp mirrorless camera.
Sustainability in our Forests
Marketing Campaign Banking
An on going television marketing campaign to highlight a focus for 161 years of honest community banking. Real people, real places, and a real puppy. We focus our campaigns on both commercial and residential banking. The best marketing campaigns are real and authentic. The campaign is a full commercial production from start to finish. Video production here in Vermont, from storyboards to the final story seen on the tv screen, this is digital advertising.
Bob Anderson: Emotional Intelligence
Bob Anderson is a world class speaker for Fortune 50 companies, elite athletes, the military and professionals. Bob speaks around the world on EI (Emotional Intelligence) and optimism. Shot 3 camera in IBM chip fab facility.
Online Programs with Shelburne Farms. Learning for a Sustainable Future.
Sustainability in Our Buildings & Grounds
Residential Banking Part 2
On going campaign to highlight a focus for 161 years on honest community banking. Real people, real places, real puppy.
How I Spent My Summer Vacation
What set out to be a camera test of the amazing Sigma FP became a backdrop for larger events.
CNB – Stone and Browning
Community banking and taking care of the communities where we live and work with Stone And Browning Property Management.
Sustainability With Our Solar Practices
Vermont Maple Syrup
A beautiful short brand film about the production of maple syrup in Vermont. Vermont is the largest producer of maple syrup in the United States.
Blockchain based ticketing. The future of global, transparent ticket sales, directly and indirectly.
Maine Fog
Moving a big boat up the coast of Maine in the fog. Shot with #SigmaFP
Sustainability in our Grass-based Farming
The Ferry from Orient Point
A short film about a few things we crave. Road trips, people and good food. Few months ago, was on the pretty empty roads for THE LINCON PROJECT, thinking how we got here. Food out of a cooler, a new tiny cinema camera, no one to film and flat light made for another good camera test.
America’s Food System
The Vermont food system is a leading indicator for the American food system.
A Quiet Maple Syrup Season
The sap runs even if no one is there to see it run. Vermont maple syrup, we think it's the best in the world.
Sustainability in Our Farming Practices
Music Video – Miriam Bernardo
Miriam Bernardo's song 'Contraption' from her new album 'Songs from the Well'. Music video filmed on location, in an abandoned marble quarry, used to create the New York City Public Library.
American Manufacturing
Vermont Flannel is unique, as one of the few textile products manufacturers in the USA.
I Miss Airports
Looking forward to air travel once again. Shot on iPhone
American Draft Horse
There's renewed interest in America today to learn to drive a team of massive American draft horses, which can each weigh over 2,000 pounds.
Night Sigma FP
New cameras are always a challenge. The new Sigma FP is the smallest, full frame cinema camera in the world. Ideal for very low light cinematography.
Spring at the Market Garden
Spring time at the Shelburne Farms' Market Garden.
Cooke 1.8 40mm Anamorphic Test
A classic old world, maple syrup making operation. This farm taps thousands of maple trees to hopefully boil down thousands of gallons of sap into the worlds best Vermont Maple Syrup. For the test we needed a very low light location, this was perfect. Shot on #sigmafp. Thank you #cookeoptics
Through the West
Random iPhone shots across the west of the United States from Denver Colorado to Jackson Wyoming.
Carbon Free Fun
Being environmentally responsible is not easy. Carbon reduction is hard. A team of horses and winter sleighs offer carbon free fun!
A New Importance
Shelburne Farms' mission is to teach children and educators about the perils of population growth, unplanned development, loss of farmland, social inequity, unsustainable fossil fuels, and our air and water pollution.
Burlington City Arts
Burlington City Arts, BCA, is a treasure for the arts in America. Recently the artist Crystal Wagner and BCA created an installation uniquely fusing the interior gallery and the exterior city.
New York Moments
One in a series of moving stories from Dreamlike Pictures. Shot in iPhone.
How to Harvest Chaga
Paul Stamets says Chaga has been used for for centuries in fighting human cancer and other diseases. We only harvest very small batches, only in winter, and always leave some attached the tree to prevent damage.
A Thing of Beauty
Today, the competitive cinematic bar is set very high. Whether it's manure, machinery, Bitcoin or babies, we work very hard to make every single shot a moving story.
How to make Cider
A New England autumn tradition, how to make cider, pressing apples into fresh apple cider. Upgraded the cider press with a new 1922' hit or miss' engine. Shot on iPhone.
Ironman Maine
August 2019 Ironman Race, ocean swim captured on an iPhone. Old Orchard Beach, Maine
Anatomy of a Commercial
3D Animation Reel
Some clients who come to us may be looking for a product visualization prior to actual manufacturing production, or just a way to make a sale a little more fun for their customers. Ashley Ziegler who is a graduate of SCAD, Savannah College of Art and Design, is our senior animator. Product previsualization, digital signage marketing in a store, or an online web film to educate viewers about a cause, a great way to get creative is using 3D animation. Through Maya computer animation and After Effects graphics we can make our clients stand out.
Taking the Boat to Work
One Timber at a Time
Restoration of the Breeding Barn, one of the largest agricultural structures in America, at Shelburne Farms. On the National Registrar of Historic Places, every part has to be re-made as it was originally, in 1890.
Shelburne Farms Hiring
A great mission, needs a great crew. Join the Shelburne Farms team today!
A day in the life of tilling, planting, and harvesting soybeans in Central Ontario
KSMT 2020
Kismet returned in 2020 as one of the finest restaurants in the northeast. As an early pioneer in America's farm-to-table movement, Kismet now moves ahead with many of the dishes that made them famous, along with a new broth and takeout operation. This film for the new 2020 launch of Kismet and their website highlights the hard work, passion for creating, and the joys of a great meal at a favorite restaurant we have all been missing.
Connecting Kids to the Land
Shelburne Farms Sustainability Institute brings educators from around the world to make an impact on our planet and future. Peju Okungbowa has been inspired to return to Vermont all the way from Nigeria to better her teaching for her students.
Timelapse: Behind The Scenes
There are many techniques for filmmakers to tell their stories to the world. Beautiful timelapse photography is the result of many hours, even days, and the result is thousands of photographs. From seeing plants grow to clouds rolling by to the star fields of the night sky, time-lapse adds power to our moving stories. This is a little behind the scenes of how we did it. Ashley Ziegler is the main time-lapse professional.
Dreamlike Recent Clients
Highlights from our recent clients in television, brand films, 3D animation, energy, the environment, and music videos.
Kids can Change the World
This fundraising film will be used to launch a major endowment campaign, to scale the mission of Shelburne Farms from here in Vermont, to a global level. To show that by teaching kids about where our food comes from, the sustainability of the land, and the protection of our planet, kids can change the world.
Hand crafting a timber barn
A Barn Built from Love. In the middle of the night, fire destroyed a century old barn. Friends, family, and professional timber framers came from all over the world to help rebuild a classic timber frame barn.
IBM Research Energy Analytics
A brand film to spin off from IBM Research to Utopus Insights, the new energy analytics division of VESTAS, the largest wind energy company in the world. Managing all the energy data for the global energy sector, helping customers become more informed about the energy they are getting from wind and solar as well as what they are using. Maintain a fleet of turbines or only a few, Utopus Insights software solutions makes wind energy a breeze for all customers.
Make a Logo: Behind the Scenes
This is how we brought life to a client's static print logo for their television commercial campaign.
How to Grind Ancient Grains
Slow motion cinematography showing the grinding process of making 'seventeen', a heirloom ground porridge made up of 17 ancient grains, seeds and nuts.
Fundraising for our Future
An endowment fundraising campaign was kicked off with this brand film. The goal is to help Shelburne Farms continue to educate children and adults for a sustainable future, both locally and globally.
Data from Energy
This brand film highlights that in the near future, the data from renewable energy, like wind and solar, may be more valuable than the energy itself. Energy analytics is an emerging field, combining the internet of things with new technology that is capturing billions of data points from all forms of energy, from fossil to renewables.
How Cider Builds Community
#3 in a series 'Community is where you build it' marketing campaign created for Community National Bank. In this commercial, the focus was on their involvement as a commercial lender with backing the growing company Citizen Cider, and the community that has continued to grow around them. Cider can build a community.
Burton sees the future in 3D
Burton Snowboards brand film, for their future Step On Bindings, to grow excitement for sales reps and retailers. Using Burton's IBM CATIA CAD data via IGES to our Maya system for 3D animation and pre visualization, the 3D models showcased and pitched the new snowboard technology a year before actual product manufacturing began.
Concrete Builds Community
What really Is community banking? On-going TV campaign for Community National Bank. Authentic community banking is the backbone of banking wherever you live. Nobody does it better than CNB. How concrete builds a community as Gosselin construction partners with Community National Bank.
How to see in slow motion
As a great filmmaker, the manipulation of time is essential to a compelling creative story. Slow motion cinematography, like timelapse, is a uniquely powerful digital video storytelling tool. It requires specialized cameras, tons of light and greater attention to the details of the story. This is how to see in slow motion.
Slow Motion Skating in 360
Testing our virtual reality camera to film a 360 degree spherical view in real time. This footage is then turned into 'flat cinema' for viewing without VR glasses.
Timelapse Cinematography
There are many techniques for filmmakers to tell their stories to the world. An important tool for every marketing agency is knowing how to use time to tell stories. Time-lapse compresses slow movement, taking hours or days, into seconds, and the result is thousands of photographs. From seeing plants grow to clouds rolling by to the star fields of the night sky, time-lapse adds power to our moving stories.
Hyper Local Weather
IBM Research teams up with an electrical transmission utility, VELCO, to accurately predict Hyper Local Weather, to increase alternative and fossil energy efficiency. Brand film produced on their behalf for the Edison Institute showcasing their breakthrough in energy data technology. Video production in Vermont.
Motion Graphics: The Sizzle
Important to video production, is the polish. Motion graphics, visual effects, compositing, animation and sound design all contribute professionalism to every film and television commercial. See a little of how the graphics can really add life to a creative project.
Medical Brand Film Campaign
Marketing campaign to allow private, out patient surgery centers in Vermont. Laws changed in 2018, with the new Green Mountain Surgery Center (GMCS) opening spring 2019. To showcase the data and information to voters and backers, motion graphics, infographics and animation made a fun brand film for viewers to take in the information.
Ice skating in 360
Testing virtual reality cameras to capture ice skating in a virtual, spherical 360 degree environment all at once.
How Beer Builds Community
#2 in a series 'Community is where you build it' marketing campaign created for Community National Bank.
Sustainable Forestry
Short brand film showcasing sustainable wood harvesting in winter.
Working through The Storm
Short film shot with a 360 degree virtual reality camera to capture a raging Nor'easter as it was happening.
Bonneville Salt Flats
Shot on an iPhone. Cold, quiet, desolate in winter, world speed trials in the dry heat of August.
Sailing the coast of Maine
There are good stories everywhere. My dad always said 'you haven't seen Maine til you see it looking back from the ocean.' Shot handheld Canon 5D.
Food Merchandising
Bringing world class video marketing to the food industry. For digital signage, television, and the web.
How Skateboarders Are Made
A brand film following an Environmental Education class, from harvesting trees, to producing their own skateboards. With a tragedy in the middle.
Animation Infographics
Animation driven marketing campaign to improve policy on school lunches for all children.
Ben & Jerry’s Digital Signage
Digital signage is a little known, powerful video marketing tool. Franchises, hospitals, universities, and public institutions are ideal locations for 'IP based' retail in-house TVs, broadcasting simultaneous marketing campaigns, locally and globally.
Bikes Building Community
#4 in a series 'Community is where you build it' marketing campaign created for Community National Bank.
Dogs Build a Community
#1 in a series 'Community is where you build it' marketing campaign created for Community National Bank.
The power of Digital Signage
Silent 'retail tv' large screens are becoming common from Times Square to Las Vegas, food & retail franchises, hospitals, national parks, stadiums and public institutions. We have managed installations in up to 30 countries at once.
What it means to Dream
A Manifesto to who we are and why we exist as artists. Thank you Ashley Ziegler.
Health care in a small town
America is made up of small towns with regional community hospitals, that struggle to do it all, from birth to death. Branded content to highlight Gifford Medical as a great example of getting community care right.
It all starts with The Bat
Trailer for a short film on the challenges of young ballplayers who grew up with the ease of aluminum bats, but have to give them up to attempt to play professional baseball. The Barnstable Bat Company is a famous maker of wooden bats, and a key aspect of the history and present day Cape Cod Baseball League.
This is a Great Hospital
Development film to launch the Gifford Hospital Menig Center 50 million dollar fundraising campaign. The campaign was a success and The Orchards opened in 2018.
Cows in Winter
12f, January. Cows still need to eat and have access to water.
Wynwood via South Beach
Shot on iPhone. Historic and colorful section of Miami Florida.
The dying Salton Sea
Considered in the early 1900's to be an oasis in the desert, today the lake is 216 feet below level and dying, as it decreases in volume and increases in salinity and stench. Shot on iPhone.
One Minute of Summer
Short film, won Best Short in the Maine Outdoor Film Festival. Shot on iPhone.
Moving Stories
Marketing campaign to offer it's the quality of the ideas, not the size of the agency that matters. Dreamlike Pictures. We make moving stories.
A Brand Film about Chocolate
Brand film made for Lake Champlain Chocolates' entry into the big time with Whole Foods. Part of an end cap display.
A Film changes a River
Over the past 100 years, the Missisquoi River had been altered and damned, hurting both agriculture and aquaculture. In 2013, all the communities along the river got together to return the river to its original wild, naturally spawning habitat. Turns out, it would take an act of Congress. This film was made to unite the state to show the federal government their vision. In 2017, Congress passed the Missisquoi 'Wild and Scenic' River Federal Designation, beginning the removal of all dams and construction that altered the original Missisquoi River.
Chasing Ice
Ice is fickle and fleeting. We often follow the ice boaters to find the momentary glass. This ice was gone two days after we filmed this. Shot on iPhone.
Dance – a Short Film
The annual tradition of Farm to Ballet, held at numerous farms around the state of Vermont.
Mastering the Timber Craft
A brand film highlighting timber frame masters sharing their hard earned lessons with students. Hands on education as a massive historic wooden structure is carefully restored.
Wind for our Children
TV commercial campaign for the benefits of renewable energy.
Burton: Behind the scenes
Burton came to us to visualize CAD IGES data from their IBM Catia system with our 3D photo-real animation expertise, a year before their product was real. Photorealistic 3D animation helped them to build excitement and take pre-orders before any production.
The Old Amusement Park
Short film to capture a fading, beautiful relic, in Old Orchard Beach on the coast of Maine. Shot handheld with the Canon 5D.
3D Animation Previsualization
Nordica wanted to use our 3D animation expertise to pre visualize changes in how ski boots operate. The Fire Arrow was introduced in this virtual, photo-real way to their dealer network using this film to build excitement and sales prior to manufacture.
It’s My Life. It’s My Choice.
Marketing campaign to alter government policy to allow death with dignity. Seven year campaign 'It's My Life. It's My Choice.' was made into law in 2017.
Affecting Policy
Political marketing campaign to improve firearms registration. Law changed in 2018.
College Marketing Campaign
Part of an on-going marketing campaign for Champlain College, offering their unique approach to altering curriculum to better fit modern students ultimate professional goals. 60, 30, and 15 second boadcast spots.
Changing College Education
Champlain College recently introduced CORE Education, to better match students professional goals with evolving academic curriculum.
Resort Marketing Campaign
TV marketing campaign in 60, 30, and 15 seconds marketing the four season benefits of Jay Peak Resort.
Ski marketing campaign #3
Jay Peak Resort on-going marketing campaign 'Life Style' English and French for US and Canadian television broadcast.
Ski Marketing Campaign #2
Jay Peak Resort on-going marketing campaign 'Commitment Issues' English and French for US and Canadian television broadcast.
Ski Marketing Campaign #1 FR
Jay Peak Resort on-going marketing campaign 'Amour Fou' French and English for US and Canadian television broadcast.
Music Video – The Cush
'Orange like Water' for The Cush Album, TRANSCENDENTAL HEATWAVE. Truck curtesy of Nick Cowles.
Ski Marketing TV Campaign #1
Jay Peak Resort on-going marketing campaign 'Tough Love' English and French for US and Canadian television broadcast.
Surf Music Video – The High Breaks
Introducing The High Breaks, a breakout surf rock band in the tradition of Dick Dale. 'Sandblaster' from their vinyl only release.
The Global Energy Pyramid
Soon the data from wind and solar energy will be more valuable than the energy itself. Utopus Insights, formerly of IBM Research, now a division of Vestas the largest wind energy company in the world, is leading this change.
New York’s Botanical Gardens
For a few weeks before Christmas, there is a magical mix of model trains, architecture miniatures of Manhattan, and the plant and trees of the Botanical Gardens.
United Technologies Aerospace
Clips from a variety of aerospace and military brand films from Pratt & Whitney, Otis, and Collins Aerospace.
Old School Bike Racing
Filming at Loudon Speedway, New Hampshire for The Daily Rider brand film.
Small town farming
Tribute music video to cold winter family farming. Bruton Farms. Canada.
The Big Skate
A short film capturing a great and varied group, who headed out for what became a 14 mile ice skate on Lake Champlain, Vermont. Shot handheld with a GoPro, DP Ashley Ziegler.
Hay the movie
Spoof horror feature film trailer shot in slow motion about Hay.
From Floods to Food
Kismet, known as 'Brooklyn in Vermont', one of Vermont's finest restaurants was devastated by flooding from both Hurricane Irene and then Sandy. They planned to close, but the community helped them to rebuild yet again.
How to do DSLR slow motion
Cinematic slow motion is all about light and shutter speed. DSLR and cinema cameras can both achieve beautiful 'slo mo' if the shutter is set to twice the frames per second. But doing this cuts the light in half. Faster lenses, now shallow depth of field, and great light are the keys to beautiful slow motion cinematography.
Music Video – Anders & Kendall
'We're on Fire Babe' Music Video reached #18 on AOL music. Anders Parker, Kendall Meade. From the album Wild Chorus.
Theatrical Dance – The Flynn
A choreographed mixed media - film and live dance - designed by Heddy Malem to commemorate the 400th Anniversary of Samuel De Champlain's exploration of much of North America.
RIDE – Award winning Short Film
RIDE has played in more than 30 film festivals, winning the Woods Hole Film Festival. Michael Moore used it to open his last feature at the Traverse City Film Festival.
POYJ Norman Lear Prod.
TV pilot for Norman Lear Productions, highlighting the talents of Ron Butler, a noted television actor, voice artist, and audiobook narrator.
A Gift: Life, in infographics
Motion graphics tribute to Jerry Seinfeld quote about living a full life.
Music Video – Marion Walsh
'Ricochet' for Maine recording artist Marion Walsh. Shot on location THE STUDIO, Portland, Maine and Ocean Park in Old Orchard Beach, Maine.
Music Video – The Cush LIVE
From the album Deer and the Owl, from the Cush, Austin, Texas. Recorded live at the Monkey house, Winooski, Vermont.
A Magic Flood
Virtual reality is a great way to capture all aspects of flooding using insta360 one X cameras. SUP in Vermont to paddle board down swollen, flooded rivers. Stand up paddleboard down the swollen LaPLatte river, teeming with wildlife. Shot in 360 with Insta360 One X VR camera.
VTIFF Introduction
From VTIFF 2005 Emmet Helrich, Thomas Barnes, Craig Mitchell. Some people are so good they will help you do anything.
Cadwell Retreat Selects
Raw video - no color correction, no stabilization, no drone shadow removal
Two Pioneers
The History of Church Street Burlington Vermont from two pioneers, Robert Fenix and Paul Bruhn.
Only a Farmer
A found poem put to pictures. This poem was found scrolled on an old farmhouse wall. With some hard working farmers, we worked to bring it to life. And hope.
Farmer Governor #2 in series
David Zuckerman is the first gubernatorial candidate in 50 years who is also a full time farmer. Maybe we need more farmers running government.
Campaign for Lieutenant Governor
Part of a state wide political campaign focused to introduce the candidate and his issues in Vermont’s Lieutenant Governor race of 2020. Conceived, written, shot and on air in two days using the Sigma FP and the Canon C200.
A Farmer runs for Governor
For the first time in 50 years, a full time farmer may become governor in Vermont. This is the first in a series of political campaign advertisements.
5 Miles of Glass
Ice skating on the Connecticut river. #nordicskates, #shiftcam, #shotoniphone