IBM Research Energy Analytics
A brand film to spin off from IBM Research to Utopus Insights, the new energy analytics division of VESTAS, the largest wind energy company in the world. Managing all the energy data for the global energy sector, helping customers become more informed about the energy they are getting from wind and solar as well as what they are using. Maintain a fleet of turbines or only a few, Utopus Insights software solutions makes wind energy a breeze for all customers.
Aerial Cinematography
Bring new life to otherwise plain shots. With drones, cranes and planes, aerial videography gives a new perspective to your visual story. Ashely Ziegler is one of our FAA certified Part 107 licensed drone pilots.
Make a Logo: Behind the Scenes
This is how we brought life to a client's static print logo for their television commercial campaign.
How to Grind Ancient Grains
Slow motion cinematography showing the grinding process of making 'seventeen', a heirloom ground porridge made up of 17 ancient grains, seeds and nuts.
Our Manifesto on Marketing
We exist to make our clients famous. We created 'MOVING STORIES' as our drumbeat to achieve our goal. From a marketing campaign to boost sales, to brand films to showcase a client's mission, music videos to education animation and motion graphics, in house digital signage or a short film, we bring a full production to life from the storyboard to the story seen on your screen. Arthur Bell is the founder of Dreamlike pictures, and Co-Founder of Oxygen TV and Alias Research, creator of Maya.