Taking the Boat to Work
Marketing Campaign Banking
An on going television marketing campaign to highlight a focus for 161 years of honest community banking. Real people, real places, and a real puppy. We focus our campaigns on both commercial and residential banking. The best marketing campaigns are real and authentic. The campaign is a full commercial production from start to finish. Video production here in Vermont, from storyboards to the final story seen on the tv screen, this is digital advertising.
3D Animation Reel
Some clients who come to us may be looking for a product visualization prior to actual manufacturing production, or just a way to make a sale a little more fun for their customers. Ashley Ziegler who is a graduate of SCAD, Savanah College of Art and Design, is our senior animator. Product previsualization, digital signage marketing in a store, or an online web film to educate viewers about a cause, a great way to get creative is using 3D animation. Through Maya computer animation and After Effects graphics we can make our clients stand out.
One Timber at a Time
Restoration of the Breeding Barn, one of the largest agricultural structures in America, at Shelburne Farms. On the National Registrar of Historic Places, every part has to be re-made as it was originally, in 1890.
Connecting Kids to the Land
Shelburne Farms Sustainability Institute brings educators from around the world to make an impact on our planet and future. Peju Okungbowa has been inspired to return to Vermont all the way from Nigeria to better her teaching for her students.