Data from Energy
This brand film highlights that in the near future, the data from renewable energy, like wind and solar, may be more valuable than the energy itself. Energy analytics is an emerging field, combining the internet of things with new technology that is capturing billions of data points from all forms of energy, from fossil to renewables.
How Cider Builds Community
#3 in a series 'Community is where you build it' marketing campaign created for Community National Bank. In this commercial, the focus was on their involvement as a commercial lender with backing the growing company Citizen Cider, and the community that has continued to grow around them. Cider can build a community.
Burton sees the future in 3D
Burton Snowboards brand film, for their future Step On Bindings, to grow excitement for sales reps and retailers. Using Burton's IBM CATIA CAD data via IGES to our Maya system for 3D animation and pre visualization, the 3D models showcased and pitched the new snowboard technology a year before actual product manufacturing began.
Concrete Builds Community
What really Is community banking? On-going TV campaign for Community National Bank. Authentic community banking is the backbone of banking wherever you live. Nobody does it better than CNB. How concrete builds a community as Gosselin construction partners with Community National Bank.
How to see in slow motion
As a great filmmaker, the manipulation of time is essential to a compelling creative story. Slow motion cinematography, like timelapse, is a uniquely powerful digital video storytelling tool. It requires specialized cameras, tons of light and greater attention to the details of the story. This is how to see in slow motion.