3D Animation How it’s made
Behind the scenes 'breakdown reel' look at the math, art direction, and story, that goes into creating 3D virtual foods, products, brand identities, and architecture animation.
Timelapse Cinematography
There are many techniques for filmmakers to tell their stories to the world. An important tool for every marketing agency is knowing how to use time to tell stories. Time-lapse compresses slow movement, taking hours or days, into seconds, and the result is thousands of photographs. From seeing plants grow to clouds rolling by to the star fields of the night sky, time-lapse adds power to our moving stories.
Hyper Local Weather
IBM Research teams up with an electrical transmission utility, VELCO, to accurately predict Hyper Local Weather, to increase alternative and fossil energy efficiency. Brand film produced on their behalf for the Edison Institute showcasing their breakthrough in energy data technology. Video production in Vermont.
Motion Graphics: The Sizzle
Important to video production, is the polish. Motion graphics, visual effects, compositing, animation and sound design all contribute professionalism to every film and television commercial. See a little of how the graphics can really add life to a creative project.
Medical Brand Film Campaign
Marketing campaign to allow private, out patient surgery centers in Vermont. Laws changed in 2018, with the new Green Mountain Surgery Center (GMCS) opening spring 2019. To showcase the data and information to voters and backers, motion graphics, infographics and animation made a fun brand film for viewers to take in the information.